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About Us

The Hebrew Benevolent Society purchased an 11 acre parcel of land in an outlying area of Charlotte far from the city center in 1867. As the surrounding inner-city neighborhood grew closer, the Jewish community was able to acquire more land, change the entrance location and clear off unused parts of the property for future expansion. The Hebrew Cemetery currently has approximately 1000 graves.

During the past few years, the Hebrew Cemetery Association has spent three quarters of a million dollars on a massive redesign project. The Association spends over $120,000 annually on cemetery maintenance provided for by a full time and part time staff .

Thirteen Civil War veterans are buried in the Hebrew Cemetery, among them Corporal Louis Leon, author of a famed Civil War diary. Noted author Harry Golden, one of the American Jewish community's most beloved commentators on life from the 1940’s through the 70's is also buried there.

The Hebrew Cemetery Association is an independent member run institution, administrated by Jewish volunteers and one part-time Jewish Executive Director. Annual membership is achieved through voluntary annual dues. The organization provides for the on-going maintenance and renovation of the holy burial grounds, guaranteeing a dignified and sanctified resting place for over 1000 departed souls.

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