Type and size vary by section or parts of sections and depend on the spacing and sizes of lots. Dimensions are restricted at the sole discretion of the Association. Some areas are designated for flat markers only, so make sure you are aware of the restrictions. Markers shall be constructed of solid natural stone and bronze or other approved materials, not to exceed the specifications and dimensions below.

This table is only for family sections.

Head Stone & Monument: Maximum width dimensions:
# of Graves Covered (Centered) Base (width) Marker (width)
1 36" 28"
2 & 3 67" 48"
4 & 5 72" 54"
6 96" 72"

Height and length of markers may be restricted by the Association depending on number of graves covered and other factors, solely at the Discretion of the Association.

Orthodox Burial Section VII marker is restricted to one monument per grave not to exceed 2" width, 16" length, and 16" high.

Ground Level Foot Markers:
(Section III- MF, only) Stone & or Bronze material 28" width and 16" length
(Section III- MC-MD-ME) Stone Base - 28" width and 16" length
Bronze Marker - 24" width and 12" length
(Cremation Section IV) Stone & or Bronze material 20" width and 12" length

Side by side Foot marker dimensions may be combined into one marker but may not exceed two times a single width.


The Association exclusively provides plantings which are designed and offered for installation on graves at customers’ expense. Selections include several plant options suited for this climate and requiring minimal care. The cemetery will plant the selected materials and collect a fee to provide a one-year warranty and continual trimming for the life expectancy of the selected material.


No decorations, flowers or other memorabilia will be placed on the property. Materials that are left behind will be removed. Items placed after an interment may remain for a short period of time. Decorations, flowers and other memorabilia are regularly removed from graves to assist in maintaining the cemetery grounds. Trees, benches and other common use items may be donated to the Cemetery; contact the Association’s Director for more information.